Presence in silence

This morning silence has been broken.

March 2020 has arrived, and it awakens life in the classrooms, with their laughs, mischievousness and dreams. Joy and the hugs from the meetings invade the playgrounds, the joy of meeting new friends.
This morning, the reality of youthful effervescence, a whirlwind of strength, of projects and ideals of a present that breeds the future for an encounter with the new life of other dreams, rides swiftly. Life is a gift, I say to myself, and it surprises us every day with news and mysteries. We are disturbed, disoriented and challenged to find new paths.

This morning I wake up surprised by silence again. It is God who leads us to a new project, challenges us to be a presence from afar. To distance ourselves from those we love, to live love in a new way.

This morning the atmosphere is tense, there are doubts, fears and bewilderment, but a voice from the depths of my chest invites me to take off my shoes again, to remember the beginning of this sacred project of being the presence of Christ and not of another master. 

To take off one's shoes is to walk without any noise to embrace the brother who suffers in silence. It is to accompany from afar, through social networks in this complex environment. Yes, without making a single noise and listening to their hearts with respect despite silence, welcoming their fragility and taking the risks of having to embrace my own mystery.

This morning I walk in the presence of Jesus, the Master, trying to take his teaching through new methods, sometimes through uncertain paths and with the fear present in the body, but with the certainty that I do not step on any terrain; it is the sacred land of children, youth and teachers who dream, from their homes, that it is possible that from this experience the new man may be reborn, transformed by Christ from his foundations.

This morning I am barefoot again, experiencing the fragility of which I am made of, but with the confidence and certainty of being a presence that transforms into hope the signs of the times, of a world that cries out for the presence of the Master who makes all things new and He spoke of love in other times and it is necessary to remember that today so that everyone knows that only love transforms and makes us new.

Hna. M. Luisa Palacios 
Provincia di Cunco