THIS IS MY CALL - THIS IS OUR CALL  to immerse in human reality and to be a

Transforming Presence in our context today.


Living the Paschal Mystery transforms us to become His presence in our changing and challenging world.  
Our whole way of life is deeply rooted in God, Mk. 3:14. 
The contemplative dimension in its fullest understanding will permeate all aspects of formation.  


  • We seek to bring new life in the face of death; fullness of life to ourselves, to others, and to our common home. John 10:10.
  • By our contemplative and prophetic life we seek to immerse ourselves among the people on the margins of society.
  • Answering the need of the time, in our respective contexts, together we live the Holy Cross Charism. 
  • We cultivate the consciousness of belonging together in our diversity.
  • Collaboration and networking brings strength to our ministries.
  • We are transformed and transforming by our national and international collaboration.
  • As co-creators we embrace God’s creation, and in solidarity we take measures to live sustainably.   
  • In the globalisation of our world we commit ourselves to promote justice, mercy and equality. 


  • Formation is a life long process. 
  • Our whole way of life is deeply rooted in Christ. 
  • A holistic approach inspires a continous transformation of mind, heart and will.  

"May Jesus live in our hearts." (Mother Bernarda)

  • Leadership qualities are fostered through continuous formation.  We are called to be servant leaders in  God‘s Kingdom, John 13
  • Our secularised world calls for our transforming presence.
  • Living the Kingdom of God radically, we uphold the rights and dignity of each person, attentive to safeguarding policies in our care of the vulnerable.
  • We value social media and promote its healthy use to unite worldwide communion around the Holy Cross Charism.

“…remember, I am with you always, to the end of the ages”. Mt 28:20b