The Sisters of the Holy Cross : Emblem

The Emblem of the Institute Menzingen displays the following:

A radiant, silver cross in front of a blue background implanted in the centre of three green hills. Below the horizontal arms of the cross sun and moon and above three stars. The three green hills are also found in the Emblem of the Menzingen local village-community. (short summary of a text presented by Sr Uta Theresa Frommherz at the General Chapter 2001).

Cosmic Interpretation:

The three green hills symbolise the earth. The blue background speaks of the sky above us. The cross is implanted in the earth and forms a bridge connecting the earth with the sky above us. The radiant, silver cross is a manifestation of the crucified and risen Lord. Sun, moon and stars symbolise the universe or cosmos which gives praise to its Creator.

"He is the First-born of all creation ......." (Col 1:15).

Interpretation for the Sisters of the Holy Cross:

The three hills symbolise the earth. God's mission to the Church and to us applies in principle to all people on earth. In our earthly reality we are rooted deeply in a common ground and thus see ourselves in unity with all people.

The blue background speaks to us of God's presence: everywhere, at all times and for all people. Blue is believed to be the colour of God's Spirit. The visible sky should remind us of the invisible reality of heaven. The Cross, which stands below heaven, is a revelation of our salvation and resurrection already in this world but even more so with God in the world to come.

The stars in the sky speak to us of the many gifts and graces we have received and constantly receive from God. The "three" stars remind us of the foundation of Religious Life: the three vows which are the special gifts given to all religious by God.