Our founders today

1.)        Theodosius Florentini and Bernarda Heimgartner: Sowers of Hope
When Theodosius Florentini and Bernarda Heimgartner recognized the will of God in the needs of the time, it was the Dawn of Hope for central Switzerland. They courageously initiated a new form of religious life and a new life style among and with the people. Later this Hope was carried to the four continents.  

2.)        Theodosius Florentini and Bernarda Heimgartner
Sowers of Hope:   A Story of 170  years! 

Think of our foremothers who went in 1883 to Mthatha, 1901 to Rio Bueno, and in  1906 to Trivandrum.    They went as sowers of Hope. 
The winds of Hope was blown into Germany, Italy, England, Spain;  Argentina, Peru; Lesotho, Zambia,  Namibia, Zimbabwe, Cape, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Libya,  Iraq.  
The wind continues to blow.
Time brings changes, new challenges, and insights
What had been so firm and sure, gave way to questions. 
Get closer to the story: 
Some could see and point the way beyond the tasks of classroom, sickroom,   children’s home, parish.
Hold on to the old? .........or..........  Reach out for the new?
Now face-book and e-mailing bring concerns to hand –
Climate change, migrants, civil war (and) refugees, women’s issues 

A hunger for broad horizons is in many.
If so, what holds me back from exploring deep, to conceive new possibilities,      perceive wholeness in brokenness and design in the chaos?
How best to use this one life? 
Hope begets hope! 
Word of God calls for creativity and newness in life.  
Seek out new connections and hold the tension of compassion, mercy, patience,  forgiveness.
When time knocks at our door, we should not miss it.
What lures me to commit my hope each day?  
The WORD!                                                                                                             

Sr Telma