Latin American Province

since 1901

The two provinces of Chile and Argentina united to form one Latin American Province in 1995.

We Holy Cross Sisters of Latin America stand up for the protection of life wherever this is threatened. Our desire is to witness to hope and so prepare the way for a new Pentecost. It is for this reason that we do all we can to support and defend life in all its stages of development, from conception to its natural end here on earth. With the same intention we accompany the young girl as she develops into adulthood to become a woman and potential mother. We make her aware of her vocation in life to nurture and defend life as she prepares for a family. In order to further her education and development in a Christian environment we help her to become integrated into a ‘Basis-community’ and other groups where this concern is shared. It is in such groups where motivation for creativity and self giving for the sake of the Kingdom of God takes place. After all, as a woman and mother she is expected to contribute something new to society and the Church.

Our priority as Sisters of the Holy Cross is the holistic education of the person. We strive to ensure that this is Gospel orientated and as such other person and community centred.

We also concern ourselves with the formation and education of the laity who share in our apostolates. Since they are called for evangelisation at the forefront, human development and the continuation of a Christian culture within the Church and world of today we regard this too as a very important aspect of the mission entrusted to us.

In our boarding schools we give our services to girls from rural areas who are not able to obtain a formal education in their own setting. We also have homes for girls from broken families whom we help to find a new orientation for life. We share their burden, helping them to ‘carry their cross’ and so awake hope for a better future. We live in solidarity with the marginalized and try to do all we can to gain justice where this is violated.

In hospitals and clinics we experience a participation in the death & resurrection of Jesus. This is visible in the way those afflicted by physical and spiritual suffering find new life through healing. This participation in the Paschal Mystery motivates us to do all we can to serve our sick sisters and brothers with love and kindness. It is through this and our prayers that we can help them to experience new life through physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

In order to enable us to carry out our task efficiently we do regard it as important that our young sisters receive a thorough professional and theological education. They also need to be well prepared for pastoral work. Equipped thus they will be able to respond with joy and confidence to the Lord’s call for the new evangelisation in the world of today.

Santa Cruz Highschool, Rio Bueno, Chile

Region Argentina

In Corzuela, in the North of Argentina, the Sisters of the Holy Cross together with the government and local town community undertook a marvellous project for the poor. Our common goal was improvement of health by ensuring improved living conditions. Thanks to our common endeavours twenty-five families were able to move into their small but solid new homes. With this move an age-old disease called "Mal De Chagas”, caused by the bite of the insect Vinchusa, could be eradicated. Over the centuries this disease was responsible for ill health and early death of many poor people in this area. Since this disease producing insect thrived in mud huts it was just about impossible to gain protection from it while people still lived in such primitive living conditions.

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Provincial Leader
Sr Rosa Rico

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