German Province

since 1896

We live in large and small communities with and among the people. We believe, like Mother Bernarda, that death and suffering are not the end but that faith in the crucified and risen Lord gives life in fullness.

It is important for us to accompany young people and young adults in their search for their own vocation.  

Focal Points

  • Care of the refugees
  • Education of the youth (kindergarten and day care center)
  • Care of the sick and elderly
  • Parish work
  • Pastoral work
  • Directed retreats
  • Home-economics

Touched by the needs of the people, like our Founders.
Dedicated to the people while rooted in God.
Available for the people, since called by Christ.
At the side of the weak and little ones, since HE walked ahead of us.

Provinz- und Missionshaus
Heilig Kreuz,
Postfach 1262
DE-84496 Altötting

Tel. +49 8671/9270-0
Fax +49 8671/9270-60




Provincial Leader
Sr Marika Wippenbeck