Italian Province

since 1888

Called to be Women of Hope

Fraternal life in community
Every day in our community life we find a path of personal growth and a challenge to live the Gospel concretely. The small group of sisters – most of them quite old - doesn’t lose the Hope that in each phase of the personal life is possible  “to be and feel in mission” among the people. Today we are 6 communities all in Lombardia: in Milano and in Valtellina. 

The strength of the Word
Each community finds light and strength in listening to the Word. The monthly spiritual retraits and the daily meditation over the Holy Scripture reveal as necessary places to give flavour to our consecrated lives. We feel true the sentence of our Founder, father Teodosio Florentini: “ Let your happiness be the Word of Christ”. 

The passion for the formation
The charism, which has characterized since the beginning the mission of the Sisters of the Holy Cross in Italy, has been the passion for the education of children, youth and women. So we favour the collaboration in the parish pastoral, the listening and the spiritual support of the people, the school support of the disadvantaged children, the visit and the nursing counselling to the old and sick people, the proposal of training meeting about the Word and the recent educational themes. Each sister tries to give her own gift to be of service for the people met on the path every day. Devoting ourselves to the formation of the people means collaborating with God in the creation of a new humanity. 

The care of the old sisters
The community of S.Croce in Sondrio, with the support of lay workers, is particularly engaged in the care and spiritual support of the old and ill sisters. The prayer and the offering of the soufferings, caused by the illness and the decline of strengths, are the way through which each sister serves the town of Sondrio. The daily workship in front of Jesus Eucharist is the precious moment, where the sisters give to Him all the intentions of prayer  entrusted to them. Pope Francis in a speach invited the people to visit and not to forget  “those shrines of holiness and apostolicy, which are the elderly nursing homes of priests and sisters: good priests and sisters, bearing the burden of solitude, who are waiting for the Lord to knock at the door of their hearts”. 

The care of creation
At the invitation of the last encyclical of pope Francis “Laudato sì” and of the journey of our Congregation, we try to pay attention to “ the cry of the Earth – the cry of the poors”. We give value to the Message of the National Day of Creation Care and the worldwide Day of prayer, announced last August by pope Francis: the first September of each year. In particular situations, we collaborate in supporting the projets of the Church or of the Mission Procura of our Congregation towards the poorest people. 

Steps of Mercy
We feel like in a journey of conversion, as  we do experience of our fragility and poverty everyday. We need His Mercy so we can be, everywhere, a simple sign of His Presence…sign of Jesus’s Love, the source of each true Hope.



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Provincial Leader
Sr Dorina Zanoni