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Weathering all Storms
Bernarda Heimgartner -
Founder of a Religious Congregation and Champion of the Education of Women

By Thomas Binotto. 
Translation by Holger Kolberg, Windhoek.
Revised and edited by a group of Holy Cross Sisters of the Southern African Province, 2015. 

A Future born out of Faith - by Carlo Moos

Bernarda Heimgartner and the Foundation of the institute of the Teaching Sisters of Menzingen in their historical context. 

Spirit of the founding time – Heritage from Yesterday –Challenge for today

Sr Finbarr Coffey. Issued by the Sisters of the Holy Cross, Menzingen South African Province June 2003

This book leads the reader back to the beginnings of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Cross, Menzingen. It sheds light on the circumstances in which the foundation took place. On the one hand it discloses the need, that gave the impulse to Fr. Theodosius to found a congregation dedicated to the education of the young and on the other hand it shows the personal energy and perseverance of Mother Bernarda. The one who reads, experiences a challenge and so has the opportunity, once more to take his/her Christian life seriously. 



Further books and visual materials about Mother Bernarda Heimgartner are available from: 

Sekretariat Mutter Bernarda
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