The Spirit of Mother Bernarda

Mother Bernarda formed the young congregation and influenced it by her Spirituality.

Faith and Life form one United Whole

Lukas Businger writes in his diary about Mother Bernarda, 24 June 1863:

"The greatness of her soul shows itself more clearly in her life than in her words".

This lived Spirituality also becomes evident from Mother Bernarda's letters. They reveal a woman who is able to deal with concrete realities of life and is able to make decisions in the light of deep faith,. e.g. Mother Bernarda resists to accept private teaching posts with rich and influential people. We especially meet this strong and courageous young woman in situations of crisis and opposition. She does not allow herself to be intimidated by her opponents. She does not allow the essentials of religious life to be watered down. Mother Bernarda is a woman with a clear-headed sense of duty, an ability to put up with injustice. She is always able to forgive.

Mother Bernarda lives out of the Mystery of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus

Mother Bernarda's courageous commitment to the education of the young, her faithfulness for the work she had began and her determination for a new life-style of insertion in the midst of people occurred at a cost of high price.

Her greatness lay in her steadfastness. Neither external opposition nor inner hurts could make her deviate from the good she recognized in the task undertaken. The adherence to this clarity in her direction caused her great suffering.

In her strong belief that the Cross is a necessary passage to true life she found strength even when the future of her work was questioned.
Mother Bernarda lived the Motto:

In the Cross is Salvation

The young congregation grew rapidly after her early death (13 December 1863). Many young people, especially girls, were given the chance of a good Christian education and equipped with practical skills for life. Above all they received a clear orientation for life based on faith.

"She chose the Cross, she bore the Cross she was victorious in the Cross."

In hopeless situations Mother Bernarda put her trust in God

In Mother Bernarda's life one desperate situation and disappointment followed another with the exception of only a few years of quiet. With this dark background the brightness of her unshakeable trust in God shines out even more clearly. To burdensome situations she responded spontaneously with an act of trust in the "loving Father" and then continued her task with renewed energy.

Quotations from Mother Bernarda

  • "Even if we have no property, no sources of support let us rely even more trustfully in God who up to now showed himself so kind and loving towards us".
  • "For all this we did not allow ourselves to be discouraged but placed all our trust in God".
  • "Just as in worldly business there is so much courage and daring enterprise we should allow God's Providence to overcome all our discouragement and fears in the spiritual spheres."

Mother Bernarda loved her Sisters

At the age of 22 Mother Bernarda took responsibility for the steadily growing community of sisters. She loved the sisters and was very sensitive to the needs of each of them. In difficulties and dissensions she gave the sisters a sense of security through her clear orientation. At the same time she respected each one's decision made according to her conscience.

Mother Bernarda on her way

In order to enable them to do their training as teaching-sisters Maria Anna and her two companions had, for political reasons, already at an early age to leave their home-country. Because of the political upheaval in their own country they could only undertake their training outside Switzerland .

After their First Profession in Altdorf the three young sisters moved to Menzingen to open a school there. In the years to come the service to mission required the sisters to be frequently moving on and this mostly by foot. Between 1844 and 1863 Mother Bernarda opened 59 schools and homes.