Personalities with wide vision in Menzingen

Far-sighted personalities in Menzingen

The Canton Zug provided ground for the founding of an institute of teaching sisters. Personalities lived there who were deeply concerned about the education of youth and took concrete steps to do something positive about it.

In the little mountain village of Menzingen lived men with this far-sightedness who saw great importance in the founding of schools for the education of girls. Father Röllin, the mayor Mr Hegglin, the teacher Mr Staub, and the Capuchin Father Honorius Elsener planned to open an educational establishment for girls.
Father Honorius (the little Theodosius) was well informed about the school-plans of Father Theodosius. They received great support and encouragement from the church through Dean Albrecht of Haller.

In June 1844, Mayor Hegglin put before the parishioners of Menzingen the "programme of an institute for girls which would be led by teaching-sisters"; the response was positive. They were offered a "school-building with heating possibilities" and the remuneration of the sisters would be undertaken by the parish priest Father Röllin.
On 18 or 19 June 1844, Father Röllin, Mr Staub and Dean Haller went to Altdorf to ask Father Theodosius to draft a rule for the new community. Thereafter he should come to Menzingen to discuss with them the details about the new foundation.