Vision of Father Theodosius

In his vision Father Theodosius saw a new society on the way, a society that was more humane and just according to the understanding of the Gospel. Notwithstanding the obstacles, attacks and failures, and convinced about his mission in the church, he was determined to take the wheel of time into his own hands.

"Before 1839 already I had made a plan to counteract the anti-Christian school-education with a Christo-catholic one..." (he meant a Catholic education).

Thoughts of Father Theodosius on school education

"Before 1839 I drew up a plan of a Christian-catholic-centred school education to counteract the prevailing anti-christian education."

To Bishop Caspar of Carl, Chur, he wrote on 26 April 1845: "Just as unbelief and radicalism uses school education to achieve its goals in a sure and quick way for destructive purposes so will a Christian education be the only and most reliable way to bring about a transformation of society for the better".

"It is an established fact that the poor education of women results in greater harm to society and church than that of men."

"It is not too daring an assertion to make that a renewal of the catholic church in Switzerland will take place quicker by a careful, Christian education of young women than by any other means."

Cantonal President Hegglin to Mother Bernarda

"Could there be a better means for the advancement of our nation than the formation of our young people? The young, these are the fathers and mothers of tomorrow."

Bishop Caspar of Carl to Father Theodosius "...the most important purpose is the Christian education of female youth which is very important to us."