Father Theodosius Florentini

Here you can find an article about Father Theodosius from Sr Maria Crucis Doka, January 2015

Father Theodosius made study possible for Maria Anna and he nurtured in her the vision for the future.

Father Theodosius was personality of the 19th Century. He was well known and highly respected, feared and loved, restlessly active to renew social works in the spirit of the Church.

He recognised and understood the signs of his time

In one of his sermons of 31st of December 1853 he spoke of the: "universal sickness of society"; namely the specific signs of the time: religious indifference, irreligiosity, lack of faith, immorality, materialism, an inner worldly humanity, a merely rational attention to the sick and the poor, the consequences of work in factories. In all these he recognised a challenge for the Church.

In the first place it should be religious who would agitate. They should walk ahead and prepare the way for the Church among the people. This they should do through Christian education.

Father Theodosius was urged on by an unheard of optimism. This optimism was grounded in an unlimited trust in God and trust in fellow-human beings.

His wide vision, his organisational talent and his tremendous personal commitment gave rise to the titles:

  • Apostle of charity and social reformer
  • Reformer of the Catholic Church
  • Inspirer to new works of the church
  • Founder of religious orders
  • Reformer of elementary schools, educator of youth
  • Renowned speaker and preacher
  • Committed pastor, solicitor for workers

Biography of Father Theodosius Florentini 1808 – 1865

180823 May born in Münster, Graubünden
1815 - 1825Studies in Münster, Taufers, Bozen, Stans, Baden and Chur
1825Entrance into the noviciate of the Capuchins in Sitten
1826Religious Profession
1831 - 1838Novice-master in Solothurn and Baden
1838 - 1841Guardian in Baden, Director of the Sisters of the Coronation of Our Lady
1841Father Theodosius convicted for incitement, fled to Alsace, practised as teacher in the school of Altdorf and Stans, wrote books.
1844Profession of the first Holy Cross Sisters, opening of the first school for girls in Menzingen.
1845 - 1858Dean at the Cathedral of Chur,
other activities: preaching of missions for people in Switzerland, retreats, highly appreciated preacher and speaker in Switzerland and abroad
1856Ingenbohl becomes the Motherhouse of the Sisters of Mercy
1860 - 1865Vicar General in Chur
Editor of numerous papers, founder of the Association of Catholic Libraries in the catholic part of Switzerland, opening of factories
18631863 Father Theodosius speaks at the Day of the Catholic gathering in Frankfurt, Germany about the problems and their solutions in connection with workers.
186515 February: Father Theodosius died on a journey