Formator Meeting

Towards Wholeness and Holiness

An important event was the Formators’ Meeting in Bangalore, India, held from 01–19 October 2015. We welcomed forty five participants engaged or to be engaged in Vocation and Formation Ministry.   The theme of the Workshop was towards wholeness and holiness, aiming at the formation of the formators.   Three resource persons contributed to this process.    The Central Indian Province has been hosting the Event for which we are  grateful to Sr Valsa Kumblankal and the Sisters.


Signs of Hope

We belong to many cultures, but we are of one heart: we believe, we are women called to be a living presence of God’s tenderness and mercy.    We recognize that our age is full of possibilities, to be a people of blessing.   We believe we can use our creative power to counter act the powers inflicting pain on humanity.  

 Today we find Holy Cross Sisters present and engaged in every life situation, as a promising sign of hope.  Compassion for those in need and a deep respect for the dignity of each individual opens us to create environments marked by hospitality, compassion, healing and freedom. 

The missionary nature of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Cross continually find new expressions.  The constantly changing world context challenge us to be attuned to the still small voice and discern the need of the time.   

We appreciate and cherish our Call to be women religious and especially as Sisters of the Holy Cross.  “But we hold this treasure in earthen vessels, that the all surpassing power of God may be seen…”   

As women engaged in vocation and formation ministry we have a greater role to play in the life and growth of new members, and sisters of our communities and province and sometimes this ministry can be extended to the congregational level. 

The imageries of the Tree, Well, Word, which we relished during these days, may become part of our ongoing search and growth.   Let our inner journeys help us proclaim: “I have found him” to the Seekers of today

I wish you continued growth through your constant search.  I invite you; I challenge you to take appropriate steps to reimage religious life for today and for future.    


Closing message on 19 October 2015: Sr Telma