Council of the Congregation

Valiantly into the Future 
Concentrating on Spirituality, Solidarity, Structures

From 27th  June to 23rd  July 2016, Zambia experienced the internationality of our Congregation as the leaders of our provinces from different countries gathered in Zambia for this important event.  The event took place at Holy Cross, Chalala-Lusaka, Zambia.

Article 289 of our Constitutions explains the nature and purpose of the CoC: it is a consultative body, deals with important matters of the congregation and provinces, examines the implementation of the decisions of the last General Chapter and prepares proposals for the next General Chapter. 
Along with the above-mentioned agenda specified in C 289 we had a deeper and genuine reflection on a part of the Message of GC 2013:  Nurturing and empowering pastoral qualities and skills in all our sisters.     Two authentic resource persons enlightened and inspired us: Sr Philippa Chakabveyo and Sr Anns James Thoompunkal.

Reading the signs of the time, we integrated Care of Creation as well for our consideration during the CoC.    

The goal of this workshop was to prepare ourselves, the Provincial Leaders and Congregational Leadership team, to live that   part of   the Message of  GC 2013 and to enable and empower ourselves to communicate it effectively to the Sisters, and  help all the Sisters to incorporate it  into the daily rhythm of life.   

We thank the Provincial Leadership Team and the Sisters of Zambia along with all the sisters in African Provinces for making it a real experience for all.