Sr Adrian Maguire (General Superior between 1983 and 1989) and Sr Telma Manickanamparampil (since 2014). This picture was taken during the Visitation in May of 2015 in Victory Park /Southern African Province.

50 Years Congregational Leadership Team (1965 – 2015)

With a decision by the General Chapter in 1965, the first team of sisters living in different continents was elected for the Congregational Leadership Team. Mother Superior Irene Sganzini was the first General Superior of this team. Her assistant was Sr Paulus Maria Kälin, (Switzerland), and elected as Councillors were: Sr Rosaria Salzberger (Bavaria), Sr Louis Carmel Moore (South Africa), Sr M. Montserrat Lopez (Chile). The only Councillor who did not originally come from Europe was actually the General Councillor from Chile. 

At the same time, a separate Province of Switzerland was established and their own Provincial Leadership team created because the Leadership team in Switzerland was now no longer the Administration for the whole Congregation.

Not until the second term of Mother Superior Antonia Steiner, was a representative from India elected into the General Administration for the first time in 1977: Sr Alma Keezhanjil.

From 1965 until 1969 the Generalate was housed in the newly built St Franziskus in Menzingen and then subsequently moved to Rorschach into the Stella Maris House by the Lake of Constance (Bodensee).

Sr Adrian Maguire was the last General Superior with Headquarters of the Congregational Leadership Team in Rorschach.
In 1990 Sr Miguela Muslin moved into Haus Bernarda in Lucerne with her team.  The Generalate has now been located in Lucerne for 25 years.
So the international Generalate has had its headquarters in houses in Switzerland for 50 years and this gives plenty of reason to be thankful to the Swiss Province.  This is also an occasion for us to think how it will be in the future with regard to the structure or Location or style of functioning of the Congregational Leadership Team.

The Congregational Leadership Team is currently supporting  1576 Sisters living all over the world.

Of these there are

in Africa 215 sisters
in Asia (India and Sri Lanka) 858 sisters
in Europe 399 sisters
in South America 104 sisters
in the Generalate 6 sisters

(from 27/06/2018)

 Sr Franziska Mitterer