Portrait Bernarda

Living History

The Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Cross was founded in 1844 in Menzingen. For this reason we are often called "Menzingen Sisters".

Our foundress, Mother Bernarda Heimgartner, felt called to a new form of religious life, to a life among the people. She encountered God in the world. Through holistic education of youth she endeavoured to permeate society with the spirit of the Gospel.

Our foundress Mother Bernarda
Characteristics in Keywords

Her spirituality
Trust in God brings new life into situations of death

Influences on the Founding Event
The influences of various people and factors

Our founder Fr. Theodosius

Christian education of especially young girls of simple country folk

New form of religious life
Communities in the midst of people to make present her vision of education of the young

Biography of Mother Bernarda
Situations in life which formed her and left their stamp on her

List of various people, events and places

Mother Bernarda today

Our spirituality today

Emblem of the Congregation
Explanation and Download

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