Visits and Visitations

Visitation in German Province May 2018

Visitation in the Provinces of Latinamerica and Cunco in March - April 2018

Visitation in South Indian Province in August-October 2017

Visitation in English Province in May 2017

Visitation in Central Indian Province in January-March 2017

Visitation in North Indian Province in October / November 2016

Visitation in Swiss Province in February / March 2016

Meeting with the Congregational Leadership Team of Ingenbohl in December 2015 in House Bernarda in Lucerne

Visitation in Sri Lanka in November 2015

Visitation in Southern African Province in May 2015

Visitation in Lesotho in May 2015

Visitation in Cape Province

The visitation is meant to bring anew everywhere and in each Sister the message of the gospel in order to continue what we are called for in our mission.

In October and November 2014, the Congregational Leadership had an opportunity to visit Zambia and Cape Province.

Sr Telma Manickanamparampil and Sr. Immaculata Sililo met Sisters in their communities and visited different activities in which Sisters are involved.

Sr Telma was very happy to see Sisters in their ministries giving special love on those who are in need of physical or spiritual help, and that they insist on the value for Children and youths learning life skills.

Many young people who go through the hands of Sisters are later able to set up small businesses to look after their families, they become good Leaders, patriotic and better citizens for the nation and the world.  

In Zambia and Cape, Education in all aspects of life is vital and a tool for development and transformation of Society.  

We have vibrant Sisters who are trying to work with others in bringing life and hope especially in children, youths, women and the sick.  

 I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10

Visitation in Zambia

Visit to the two provinces in South America   

The members of the Congregational Leadership Team visited the two Provinces of South America in July 2014. 

Province Cunco had the election of the Provincial Leadership Team for the next six years.

The main thrust of this VISIT was to explore together with the two Provinces the possibilities for collaboration.   The Province Latin America and the Province Cunco intend to strengthen their ties to make their mission effective.

During the VISIT we had meetings with all the Sisters of Province Cunco, PLT of Cunco and PLT of Latin America and some groups of Sisters of Latin American Province.

The major event was the meeting of the two Provincial Leadership Teams together and the meeting of a selected group of Sisters of both the provinces.

Reflection and sharing led to some concrete areas for collaboration.