From the Provinces

Sr. Krupa Thenamkalayil and Sr. Joisy Henry Doss made their Perpectual Commitment in the South Indian Province  on 2 February 2018 in Holy Cross Convent Chapel at Kottiyam. The solemn Eucharistic Celebration was officiated by Very Rev. Msgr. Dr. Paul Antony Mullassery, Vicar General, Diocese of Quilon.

Perpetual commitment enables them in their choice to opt for the poor, chaste and obedient Jesus who had the preferential option for those in periphery throughout His life.  His love for every creation portrayed in the Bible is the driving force for these sisters to care for all forms of Life. 




Sr Nengchira Ch.Sangma, Sr Paschalia Kindo, Sr Probinaa Ch.Marak & Sr Prerana Dhurwey from the North Indian Province, committed themselves to God by professing their perpetual vows. The simple and the meaningful ceremony took place on the 6th of October at Holy Cross Convent Barapani, Meghalaya, North East of India.




Sr Jianna Koonanickal, Sr Rani Maria Kavungal, Sr Sahaya Merina Augustin and Sr Vimala Ani Bhavan  from South Indian Province made their perpetual commitment on   28 May 2016. This public ceremony of their consecration took place at Holy  Cross Chapel, Kottiyam, Kerala. God still loves the world. It was a day of thanks giving.  It was a day of total commitment. God still calls persons to love Him and bring his love and hope to society by sharing His compassionate love. 


 Our dear Sisters Sr. Saleth Mary, Sr. Jayasheela Lazar, Sr. Nirmala Dharmayya, Sr. Leena Joseph, Sr. Mary Rani Ramullu from the Central Indian Province made their perpetual commitment on 9th April 2016 in Madivala, Bangalore. The solemn Eucharistic Celebratio was officiated by Rt. Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras, Archbishop of Bangalore.

Many guests joined with us to thank the Lord for the gift of these five sisters to our Province to serve God’s people as Sisters of the Holy Cross.  


The sisters in the province of Sri Lanka, gave thanks to God with joy on the 20th of June 2015, for the eighty-five years of the presence of Holy Cross Sisters in Sri Lanka and sixty years as a province in the Congregation and the Church. They also remembered the Hundred and fiftieth death anniversary of our Founder Fr. Theodosius Florentini. The small seed planted in the in the Island of Kayts has grown into a tree with 111 sisters branching into nine dioceses and Pakistan mission. May they continue to respond to the challenges of time and ‘Thirsts of the world’. 




















Our dear Sisters Renuka Simion,  Rency Lambert,  Prabajini Francis, Rojini Figurado, Patricia Patrick and Anista Dabarera, from Sri Lankan province, made the final commitment, on 2nd  June 2015,  at St. Joseph’s Church Thalvupadu,  Mannar. The Eucharistic Celebration was at 10.30 am.   Many priest, Religious and people joined with us to   thank the Lord for the gift of these six sisters to our Province to serve God’s people as Sisters of the Holy Cross. 






Sr  Jisha Kannarathil, Sr Serah Anithottathil, Sr Meera Thondutharayil and Sr Maji Poipallivilakom from South Indian province, surrendered their life totally to God to awaken the society with the life of Jesus. 

They made their perpetual commitment on 30 May 2015. This public ceremony of their consecration took place at Holy  Cross Chapel, Kottiyam, Kerala.






The Italian Province is trying our new ways in its leadership structure. Two years ago the Provincial Leadership team encouraged all the sisters in the Province to work on this theme.

Important pointers were voted on at the Provincial chapter in October 2014 in Sondrio.

Sr. Ursula from the General Administration was present at that Chapter.            




Blessing of the Bernarda – Fountain and the Bernarda - Piazza  on the 14th September 2014 in Menzingen, Switzerland

170 years ago Mother Bernarda Heimgartner came with two sisters to Menzingen to open a primary school for girls. This was the beginning of a long history with the Menzinger sisters and the village of Menzingen.

 The fountain was presented to the Sisters in 1944 for one hundred year service by the people of Menzingen. The fountain was restored for the 150  Jubilee.

Again now, the fountain was cleaned and restored and it serves as a reminder of how much Mother Bernarda contributed to the holistic education of women in her own homeland, as well as in other parts of the world.

The fountain and its surrounds is a place for socialising, celebrations, rest and exchange. It is a place where children can play and where sisters from the Motherhouse and the residence from the Carmel area can meet together.   




Sr.Sabitha Irudayam, Sr. Sonia Thuruthimattam, Sr. Deepthy Panachikkal, Sr. Febi Oottuvillaerakkom from the South Indian Province, responded to the call of God, to be at the service of Humanity.

They  committed themselves for life on the 5th of July 2014. This public ceremony of their consecration took place at Holy Cross Convent chapel, Kottiyam, Kerala.