Feast Day Letters

Dear Sister 

Today we celebrate our Congregational Feast,
Exaltation of the Cross. What in your personal room has an honoured or prominent space?  What is it that has a focus position for you?    

In many countries, we find a Cross in or on the church and in the cemetery. In Switzerland, we find it also along the road, on the top of the mountains, or even in classrooms, hospital rooms or courtrooms. Have we grown accustomed to this sign? Do we still be startled or stunned? Are we still sensitive to the compassion of God, seen in the Cross? 

We do not live in an ideal world and so the Cross is present in our painful experiences. Time and again the way of the Cross of Jesus Christ clearly shows us the abyss in ourselves and the im measurable suffering caused by the cruelty of human beings. 

Today, when we celebrate our Congregational Feast, it is because the Cross proclaims to us a redeeming message into the hard realities of our everyday life:  
In cruce salus. Death does not have the last word, and all injustice of this world will come to an end. Through Jesus' suffering and death, life is given to us, salvation and redemption is promised. His Cross is not only a sign of suffering and pain, but also and above all a sign of life and hope. 
In cruce salus. From this hope we live, that He transforms life with the Cross and through the Cross - every day anew, with us and through us. The feast of the Exaltation of the Cross does not remind us only of the past. It calls us to prepare the way of Easter, the Resurrection and the new life, and to serve God and the people with this
In cruce salus. The Cross is a sign of hope and a mission given to us! As Sisters of the Holy Cross, we identify our deepest vocation to commit ourselves and to collaborate with God’s transforming power, so that, in the midst of needs and limitations His Kingdom might dawn here and now.   

Christ has no body now but yours.
No hands, no feet on earth but yours.

Yours are the eyes through which he looks  with compassion on this world.

Yours are the feet with which he walks to do good.
Yours are the hands through which he blesses
all the world.
Yours are the hands, yours are the feet, yours are the eyes, you
are his body.
Christ has no body now on earth but yours.  (
Teresa of Avila)

I wish you a blessed Feast day.

Sr Ursula Wyss, For the Congregational Leadership Team, Lucerne 14 September 2017  


Dear Sister

The encounter between Mary Magdalene and the Resurrected Jesus is an invitation to reflect on our own daily encounters. Mary Magdalene was the first witness to the resurrection so that all might reflect more deeply on the dignity of women and the call to new evangelisation. Jn.20; 1-18

The event in fact poses the question of every disciple today as of 2000 years ago. If it is true that Jesus Christ arose and He is alive, how can we see him, touch him and find him even today in the midst of uncertainties and brokenness?

The outstretched hand of Jesus remind  us that the risen Lord breaches time and space and enters our world, in response invites us to seek him out. Christ could be encountered everywhere--- in the struggle of a youth, a trafficked woman, a homeless refugee, a polluted environment, a malnourished child the list goes on… in every place where hopes and expectations are dashed.   

Woman why are you weeping?’ Her answer reveals that everything is at a standstill in Mary’s life.  She is still shut up in the tomb. Her difficulties are as heavy as the stone that closed the entrance of the tomb. But her encounter with the risen Christ was something deeper about to be revealed in her life.

As Mary Magdalene continues to search for her missing Lord in the tomb/garden, she encounters the Lord when he calls her by name-‘Mary’. Then a flood gate of beautiful memories gushes forth. A new world opens up and a spiritual relationship is established-a deep encounter.

MARY REACHES OUT IN LOVE ---‘Rabboni’. Jesus replies ‘Do not cling to me’. This is a passage for Mary to pass from Non-faith to faith. We go through the same passage when we abandon the desire to cling, to touch to hold. Faith begins with a renunciation of the immediate and with an assent to something beyond. Only then we could begin to encounter Jesus.

The encounter also comes when we recognise the fear in us to read, to respond to the ‘signs of the times’ and make a conscious choice to let go of that fear. Realising that fear is not only the truth, is a great moment of GRACE.

The passionate love between Mary Magdalene and Jesus continues even after Resurrection. But now the love is a transformed love. ‘Do not touch me….’  To be filled with this love is one thing that must always be given away continually. The more one gives the more one gets. Never let the ball to stop with us. Stop giving and it turns sour. ‘Love is what life is all about. I pray really to live from love, to be the light of Divine love in my actions, words and thoughts.’ (Colette Lafia)

With Mary we are called by name. The encounter shows the divine and human, grace and nature meet at that point.  Let our encounters take us to places where we love, where we witness to that ‘GRACE’.

How do I encounter Lord in my daily life?

How are we open to His grace to receive this transformed love?

Let this transformed love help me reach into the folds and creases of my being and to live in the fabric of my everyday life. This helps me to experience the sacredness in the depth of our hearts.
Wishing you a grace filled Easter!  

Sr. Immaculate Joseph, For the Congregational leadership Team, Easter 2017


Dear Sister 

Christmas, a call to peace

The celebration of the mystery of Christ’s incarnation invites us to consider our life and that of our neighbour.

Through the season of Advent right up to Christmas as the commercial world takes over the theme with bright lights and captivating commercial advertisements that shadow the reality of the world, all of us are invited to find a space within ourselves and reflect on the mystery of the incarnation and what it means for us today.  

The incarnation of our Lord signals peace! Peace which is deeply threatened in our world today. Undoubtedly, we live in a consumer culture where we desire more material things and where we ignore simple life style, the abuse of power, war and crime, the sensational stories from media about the migrants crossing oceans, the inequalities that widen the gap between the rich and the poor, the loss of many unborn babies deprived of life, religious and ethnic conflicts…The list seems to be endless.  How are we going to build and be part of a truly human world?

Since we continue to fail because of our own human frailty, we therefore, need to strive to search for true peace which is based on true justice (Isaiah 32:17). It is also important to note however, that love is the source of peace and in the absence of love there is human instability. 

 And on earth peace(Luke 2 :8-20). The question naturally arises: Why shepherds? And these were from a low class, who spend most of their time not with people but the flocks of sheep. But these are indeed the ones who received the announcement that would cause an outburst of joy and peace.  The good news literally catapulted the shepherds out of their old self and they spread the message that had been told to them. Certainly, God wants us to experience life to its fullness regardless of where we come from, to reconcile everyone, to bring unity and solidarity in people’s lives, to see people free and people who love and cherish each other. And for that, God became as one of us - the word made flesh and dwelt among us  (John 1:14). 

Given, the current high profile debate with regard to acts of terrorism, it is quite encouraging that many people from different religions are striving to search for inner peace and many peace loving people are working towards peace. However, we  thank God, as  believers of  the new covenant, that Christ ‘the prince of peace’  is continuously reconciling the world and restoring the unity of all people, the mystery that can only be understood with the eyes of faith.

 As Holy Cross Sisters we are also challenged to embrace humanity and the whole of creation with intimate love, mercy and compassion. We are called to protect and promote life, to care and be among the poor, a call that is not new to us. We are again challenged to ardently dare and to create new ministries that answer the needs of today.

  Let peace reign in our communities, the place we call home. If there is someone aggrieved, everyone is affected. Peace has to start with me, to my neighbour, to the nation, to the world. 

How can each of us create a better and more peaceful environment?

Indeed, Christ chose to be born in the stable (Luke 2:7) to show us that he is part of the world and has overcome human pride and egoism. Furthermore, the stable represents God’s whole creation, meaning mother earth is our common home and we should strive to live in harmony with all living things so that the true peace prevails in each and every creation of the almighty God.

In conclusion, “the word became flesh, is fully alive in our lives. We can experience the joy, love and peace that Christmas gives, and the experience we receive can be contagious for the people we meet everywhere.
Let there be peace in our hearts!
Peace in our Communities!
Peace in our world today!
Happy Christmas and loving greetings 

Sr Immaculata Sililo

For the General Leadership Team, Lucerne

Christmas 2016  

Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross 2016

Dear Sister,

We are celebrating the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, our Congregational Feast.  How shall we thank God for His tremendous love!  (cf. Jn 3, 16).  We rejoice and we are full of hope when we experience the merciful love of God who sends his son to the earth to save us and at what price!   The Son of God made Himself vulnerable, assuming the condition of a servant, obedient unto death and a death on the cross.   (cf. Phil 2:8).  

Let us pause a moment and reflect on the deeper meaning of our name "Sisters of the Holy Cross", a legacy from our founders, expressed by the words   “I need sisters who understand the cross (Father Theodosius) and “Let us carry the cross joyfully” (Mother Bernarda).  What is the meaning of the constant presence of the sign of the cross in our lives, in our communities, in society? We who embrace the Holy Cross of Christ have a special calling during this Holy Year of Mercy. 

  •  “To make the experience of opening our hearts to all those who live on the fringes of society: fringes which modern society itself creates.   How many uncertain and painful situations are there in the world today!  How many are the wounds borne by the flesh of those who have no voice because their cry is silenced and ignored by indifference! 
  •  To heal these wounds, to soothe them   with the oil of consolation, to bind them with mercy and cure them with solidarity and vigilant care.  Let us not fall into humiliating indifference, or a monotonous routine that prevents us from discovering what is new!  Let us ward off destructive cynicism!
  • Let us open our eyes to see the misery of the world, the wounds of our brothers and sisters who are denied of their dignity!  May we reach out to them and support them so that they can feel the warmth of our presence, our friendship and our fraternity!   May their cry become our own, and together may we break down the barriers of indifference that too often reign supreme and mask our hypocrisy and egoism!” (Misericordiae Vultus,nº15)

The cross of Christ is the hallmark of our Holy Cross Spirituality, the essence of discipleship.  The Cross illuminates our lives, gives us hope, and teaches us the way.  

The   song "Footsteps of Jesus" can tell us how to take up the cross of Christ:
“Lose your life, take up the cross, follow the steps of Jesus, and love in the same way as he did; lose  your  life   to be light:
1. Surrendering to the one whom nobody loved, the abandoned, who wants to experience a new day; listening to their cry, loving as a lover the person that nobody wants to see. 
2. Shouting out that God is not asleep and He is giving us his strength that he is sowing liberty; yelling that hatred has not won and hope is not dead and God invites us to walk.
3. Walking paths not yet trodden, jumping chasms and boundaries, go where nobody wants to go.  Shake hands with one who is alone and   has lost everything, give them the strength to live.”    

May we be able to deeply live this mystery of love! Let us contemplate Jesus on the cross and let Him speak to us and touch our hearts.  
Let us walk in the footsteps of   the Crucified and Risen Lord!

May the love of Christ exalted on the Cross renew us from within, and inspire us to live our identity as "Sisters of the Holy Cross" in an authentic way.   

 I wish you a blessed Congregational Feast. 

 Sr  Gloria Poblete Muñoz

For the Congregational Leadership Team

Lucerne, September 2016



Easter 2016

I am There for You

Dear Sister

As Holy Cross Sisters we are together on the Journey.
Let us be open to a special ‘journey’ in the Bible during this Easter season.
In John 16:4 Jesus says ‘I am the way, the truth and the life’.
By speaking this ‘I-am’ word, Jesus manifests the God, who revealed Himself to Moses at the burning bush: I am the ‘I-am-there’, ‘I-am-there-for-you’.
The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (cf. Ex 3:4) enters into a relationship with humanity and opens the dialogue. He is the God, who faithfully guides his people out with the Exodus. The God, who liberates the people of Israel from all adversities and slavery. A God, who is on the side of the unfortunate and forgotten.  

This God is calling us, to be together on the journey, to leave all kinds of enslavement behind us, to go out in search of the freedom that rewards us with a deeply satisfying truth-filled life. We are invited to take others with us into this journey to the ‘promised land’- a place, where all hunger and thirst for life is finally and totally satisfied.
This invites us to leave behind our own selfishness and all those habits and rules which obstruct us or which prevent us from truly being who we are.

 To this day, believing Jews celebrate Passover in the same way as if they had left Egypt themselves.
This salvation event culminates for us Christians in the life, passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Hunger for love, meaning for life in abundance can only be satisfied by Jesus.

 That is why Pope Francis calls us religious to a new exodus: ‘Following Christ in consecrated life means continuously making an ‘exodus’ from yourselves in order to centre your life on Christ and on his Gospel. (May 2013)     
The Exodus is continually interpreted in new ways. We Sisters of the Holy Cross are invited, to continuously re-interpret the exodus of our congregation, our founding experience and the God experience of our founders. To continuously re-formulate it within the respective cultural contexts. This is not comfortable and easy. But it is warm and spirited, and it is paschal.
Let us have open hearts and minds for the journey that the ‘I-am-there-for-you’ wants to lead us on as an international Community of Sisters.  

Let us search with our hearts: 

* What do I  need, what should I  do more of or do less of in order to lead a life that goes into the future with the ‘I-am-there-for-you’?  * What way has the ‘I-am-there-for-you’ been leading us on, as a community, a province and a congregation?  

* On what Journey does HE want to lead us into the future? Where could we experience and where can we experience abundance, wholeness and being connected?  

* How can we stay open to be surprised by God for new exodus?    

A Happy and Blessed Easter   

For the Congregational Leadership Team
Sr Franziska Mitterer

 Lucerne, Easter 2016